Debt Relief Options

Struggling with Debt?

You’re not unique. Millions of Americans are battling with diminishing assets, stagnant wages, superb-high interest rates, and mounting personal debt.

How Does Debt Relief Help

Are you looking for a solution to resolve your debt? Have you weighed the pros and cons of the available debt relief options? There is no one-best solution that will apply to everyone. You need to examine the options and determine which is best for you and your family. Our Debt Specialists, here at CCCR Debt Relief, will carefully review your situation and discuss the different options available to you.


Is the fastest and least expensive way to get out of debt without filing bankruptcy. During a debt settlement program, professional debt-negotiators work with your creditors to reduce your debt to a fraction of what you owe. This Saves you thousands and gets you out of debt in a fraction of the time it would take to pay off the debt normally.

Services generally maintain close relationships with credit card companies and other lenders. In some cases they are able to negotiate lower interest rates for their clients which will reduce payments to a certain extent. Total original debt is paid back to lenders.

A loan combines all of your existing payments into one new monthly payment. In some cases the overall interest rates may be reduced but you often end up with a longer payment term than you had to begin with. Your total original debt is paid back to lenders.

Credit card companies make more money the longer you stay in debt. The minimum monthly payments they charge usually cover little more than interest charges. As a result consumers enter a cycle of minimum payment amounting to an average $10,000 balance on a typical credit card.

Personal bankruptcy should be considered as a last resort to a debt management option because the outcomes are long-lasting and extensive. Since the new law went into affect, most people will qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Always consult an attorney first for this option.

Of all Debt Relief Program options mentioned above, CCCR’S DEBT SETTLEMENT PROGRAM works best for consumers in need of a way to quickly eliminate their debts with minimum impact. We negotiate with your creditors and encourage them to accept a one-time, discounted settlement payment. The CCCR program provides ethical and dedicated service to help you achieve your goals. When we start your plan we establish an affordable monthly payment which is deposited in a settlement account in your name.

Once you have the required funds in your settlement account, our law firm will contact your creditors and make settlement offers. We will continue to work with them until all debts in the plan have been settled. CCCR’s goal is to settle all debts in the plan for a significant discount off the outstanding balance. Our Debt Specialists, here at CCCR Debt Relief, will gladly review your situation and discuss the different options available to you.

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