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Credit Card Debt Relief 


Are you sick of sinking deeper and deeper into debt by the months? Is it so bad that you are considering filing bankruptcy? Well, it may not be that bad, we can help you make your credit situation better. We are a full-service debt relief company and we are here to help you get back to your feet financially so that you take on a path towards financial freedom.

Our Services

We offer long term solutions through;

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Debt Settlement
  • Filing Bankruptcy where appropriate
  • Credit Card Debt Relief
  • Credit Card Relief
  • Credit Card Relief Program
  • Debt Relief 
credit card debt relief programs
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Credit Card Debt Relief Programs 

Debt Consolidation is a debt relief process by which we convert your multiple credit card debts into a single debt with low interest rate so that you pay them off with ease, fast. This process will earn you a lower interest rate as compared to when you pay off the debts one by one. It will give you more convenience because you will only have to pay for one loan.

Why Opt for Credit Card Debt Relief?

Well, here are some of the outstanding benefits of Debt Relief

  • Lowers your monthly payments
  • Lowers your interest rates
  • Reduces your period of loan-settlement
  • Protects your credit history and credit scores

Our Credit Card Debt Relief Process

We will Review your budget

We will take time to go through your receipts and bank statements, one by one. Compare your income and expenses. If your income exceeds your expense, then you don’t need a loan consolidation and our financial planners will recommend an even more appropriate plan to help you get out of credit card debt. But if your expenses exceed your income, we will help you develop a good budget plan so that you can optimize your income as you pay your debts off.

We’ll analyze your credit card debt

Our experienced financial planners will go through all your credit card bills. They will note:

  1. Total amount you owe
  2. Average interest rate
  3. Sum of monthly payments on the cards.

We’ll put you on an appropriate debt relief program

Based on the two steps above, we’ll use the information as the baseline for making the best debt relief strategy for you.

Tips for Credit Card Debt Relief

Our Debt Settlement Plans

If you are on the verge of financial instability because you can’t keep up with the minimum monthly payments, you are not alone in this, we have helped many others like you and we can help you out. Here are some tips we apply to help people like you with debt settlement.

  1. Start by paying credit card debts with high interest rates first

List down all your debts and write the exact amount and interest against them. Arrange the credit card debts in order starting from the one with the highest interest rate to the lowest. Start by paying the ones with the high interest rates because they are expensive at the end.

  1. Make a budget and start planning

Reduce on you expenses and consider satisfying only your basic needs and cut off the luxuries. Channel your extra cash towards paying off the loan.

  1. Freeze your credit cards

Credit cards encourage impulse buying. They don’t let you plan on how you spend your money. Start paying for goods with cash. Channel the little money that you will have saved towards settling your loan.

  1. Pay more than the minimum monthly payments

Try exceed the minimum monthly payments. It will be a plus if you double or triple the minimum monthly payments. This will reduce the loan payment period. And it is cheaper in the end because it cuts on the interests.

  1. Find ways to increase your income

You probably fell into credit card debt because your income can’t meet all your expenses. Try working extra hours at your work place, work over the weekends and holidays to earn extra cash. Freelance on your free time. Use all the energy you have towards finding a side hustle. Channel all the extra cash towards paying your credit card debt and enjoy walk in the financial freedom

The Credit Card Debt Relief Process

The credit Card Debt Relief program is a process which provides the debtor with appropriate measure of partial or full relief from debts. There are different forms through which we can provide debt relief to our customers. Here are some credit card relief methods:

  • Reducing the principal amount
  • Reducing the interest rate on the loan
  • Extending the loan term
credit card debt relief

Are you Eligible to a Credit Card Debt Relief?

Do not be worried about your eligibility to the credit card relief because it is applicable to any of the following parties;
· Individuals
· Small businesses
· Large companies
· Sovereign nations
· Municipalities

Credit Card Relief Programs

We have many programs that can help you get off your credit card debts fast.

How We Can Help You Get Out of Credit Card Debt?

Here are ways we can guide and help you get out of credit card debts:
· Help you budget and start paying off the debts
· Help you set financial goals and polish your spending habits.
· We can help with balance transfers
· Keep you in touch with our debt consolidator
· We can give you a home equity loan
We hope you found this information useful to you. Contact as for additional information or clarification.

Avoid Bankruptcy With Our Credit Card Debt Relief Program

Bankruptcy is a legal consideration you may consider not able to repay debts to their creditors.

How Do I Know it is the Right Time to File for Bankruptcy?

Before you take the bold step of filing for bankruptcy, know what you’re getting yourself into, because this is a legal procedure that involves the court. Read the rules entailed in filing bankruptcy in fine print so that you don’t miss a point.

  • If your debtors are suing you

When it reaches a point that your debtors are suing you, it means you no longer pay your minimum monthly payments because you are not able to. When you file for bankruptcy at this stage, it will be some sort of legal protection from your creditors. After filing for bankruptcy, it means that your creditors cannot subject you to any form of additional collection, not even a lawsuit.

  • If your Wages and salary are being garnished

When your creditors take the first step of filing a lawsuit, you are at a risk of your account being frozen or your wages garnished. You can stop this by filing for bankruptcy immediately. The court will stop the garnishment and you will get some financial relief. The law doesn’t apply for garnishment for domestic support such as child support and alimony.

  • If can no longer pay your bills

When your situation forces you to keep turning to your credit card to settle your everyday bills, then it means sink deeper into debts. Before you totally run out of cash file for bankruptcy because an attorney will need between $1000 and $2500 for this legal procedure.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Bankruptcy

  • You will not lose everything
  • You will need a fresh financial start
  • Not all your debts will be absolved
  • It will not affect your employment
  • You will make minimum monthly contributions
  • Your spouse might be affected
  • Your credit rating will be affected for 6 years or more

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