Best Debt Relief Companies That Will Get Out of Crippling Debt

Debt relief companies – Financial storms can squeeze a person into a corner to an extent you can consider filing bankruptcy. Sometimes, debts can accumulate and with each passing day, you may find yourself getting deeper into debt. When under those circumstances, debt relief companies come in handy. They will help you handle the credit situation. Consumer Credit Card Relief is one of those debt relief companies that will help you get back into your feet financially.

What is Debt Relief?

It is a process that gives a debtor a measure of remission. It can be provided through several ways including reduction of the principal amount, extension of the loan term and reduction of the interest rate on the loan.


debt relief companiesCredit card debt relief is applicable to individuals, large companies, small businesses, municipalities and sovereign nations. You are eligible to credit card relief programs if you are among the parties stated above. However, it is important to keep in mind the fact that it won’t work overnight. It follows a process that takes weeks, months or years depending on the program you choose. Most debt relief companies provide a variety of programs designed to help all kinds of debtors to defeat debt and get a happy financial ending.

Bankruptcy can save you

In the face of overwhelming debt, you can consider filing bankruptcy because it is a legal way to not paying off debts to creditors. However, you will want to be careful when filing bankruptcy because it is a serious process that involves the courts. You should understand what you’re getting yourself into and understand the rules pertaining to bankruptcy.

One circumstance that can make you consider filing for bankruptcy is being sued by debtors. When you’re unable to pay your monthly instalments and creditors starts suing you, it is the right time to consider filing for bankruptcy to get some sort of legal protection from your debtors. Additionally, if you are at risk of losing your wages and salary to garnishment from creditors, it is time to file for bankruptcy to stop it. Lastly, if you are unable to pay your bills, you should file bankruptcy before you go deeper into debt. When you find yourself borrowing more and more to pay your bills, you should be alarmed that hard times lie ahead as you get deeper into debt.

There a few things you need to note about bankruptcy. While you might not lose everything after filing for bankruptcy, you will need to go back to the drawing board for a fresh financial start. You should also keep in mind the fact that all your debts won’t be absolved. However, you will keep your employment and continue making minimum monthly contributions. Lastly, it will affect your credit rating significantly and your spouse may be affected.

Debt relief companies make the process easier

Best debt relief companies
Best debt relief companies

While you can do it all on your own, exploring the credit card debt relief program and going through the rest of the process on your own can be very frustrating especially when you’re not a financial professional. Usually, issuers of credit cards are reluctant to help consumers who are looking for friendlier interest rates, debt settlement options or payment plans. On the other hand, good debt relief companies will negotiate with unfriendly creditors leveraging their rich know-how and resources for impressive results. They will handle collection agencies and issuers for the whole process.

Consolidate credit card debt to improve your financial position

Debt consolidation is one of the debt settlement strategies that will affect your finances. Like any other option, it will affect your credit score. It is important to accept the fact that you will not win the fight against overwhelming debts easily so that you don’t expect an overnight turnaround. How consolidating your debts will affect your credit score will depend on the way you decide to consolidate the debt. Essentially, debt consolidation entails converting multiple debts into a single debt that has a low interest rate. It is an option that will enable you to pay the debt off easily, fast with a lower interest rate compared to if you were to pay each loan separately.

One of the reasons to go for debt collection is to lower your monthly payments by reducing your interest rates. Consequently, your repayment period will reduce giving you an opportunity to protect your credit score and credit history. If you want to consolidate credit card debt, Consumer Credit Card Relief, one of the leading debt relief companies, will take you through a process that involves three major steps to consolidate your debts.

First, the companies will review your bank statements and receipts and make a comparison between your expenses and income. In case your income exceeds your expenses, you don’t need debt consolidation. Otherwise, you will be helped to develop an effective budget plan to optimize the earned income as keeping paying your debts. Secondly, your credit card debts will be analyzed noting the average interest rate, the total amount due and total monthly payments on the credit cards. Ultimately, you will be put on an appropriate program using the above information as a guideline for creating an effective debt relief strategy.

Debt settlement plans

Debt relief companies are here to help you when you’re not able to meet your minimum monthly payment obligations. Debt relief companies have helped many other people to navigate through the complicated path of delinquent debts. Here are some tips from such leading companies to help you with debt settlement.

Pay high-interest rates debts first

A good starting point is listing all your debts down against their corresponding interest rates. Order the debts starting with debts with the highest interest rate. It is recommended to start with paying off debts that have high-interest rates first.

Start with making a budget and a plan

In the face of crippling debts, you will want to cut down on luxuries and focusing on meeting your basic needs only. After reducing your expenses, channel all the extra cash to repaying your debts.

Freeze your credit cards

It has been found that credit card holders tend to buy on impulse. It is not easy to plan your expenditure with credit cards. Debt relief companies recommend debtors looking to settle their debts start using cash to pay for goods. Use the extra cash saved to pay off your debts.

Pay more monthly

Strive to pay more than your minimum monthly payments. In fact, if you are able, pay twice or even thrice the minimum monthly payments. Apart from being a cheaper option, in the long run, your repayment period will reduce significantly.

Generate extra income

One of the reasons you are in debt could be you were not generating enough income to cater for your expenses. Looking for ways to generate extra income will work so well for you as far as getting your financial life in order is concerned. You might want to consider working for extra hours. Better yet, you can look for a side hustle or work on weekends to earn extra income. As you strive to generate more revenue, keep channelling the extra cash into repaying your debts.

Debt relief companies
Debt relief companies

Why choose CCCR?

Consumer Credit Card Relief (CCCR) is one of the leading debt relief companies in the religion that have been in business long enough to help people get out of debt as fast as possible. It comes in at a time you’re confused and frustrated amidst crippling debt to reassure you of a debt-free future. The company’s goal is the satisfaction of its customers as well as a new debt-free you. On average we are able to settle 50% or more of your debt through our debt relief process.