If you thought 50 Shades of Grey was everything wrong in our society, then consider credit card debts as the 51st Shade of Grey. The state of credit card debt in America is worse than all the repulsive torture-in-the-name-of-love scenes in 50 Shades. For the love of spending, we endure the torture of paying unnecessary debts. It’s probably why you’ll hear people calling credit cards evil when discussing debt, including those who promptly pay off their balances each month and enjoy awesome reward points. For immediate credit card debt relief click here.

credit card debt relief CCCRThe fact of the matter is that Americans are entangled in a love-hate relationship with debt, similar to the love-torture we saw in 50 Shades of Grey. We seem to have completely lost the power to resist from buying stuff we do not have money to pay for. Studies show that in 2015, Americans racked up around $48 billion in credit card debts alone. The average credit card debt for each household stood at $15,587. Considering that these figures are just averages, you can imagine the amount some households owe – probably $20,000 or more. I’m pretty sure your credit card debt situation does not paint a very attractive picture.

Some people talk about good debt and bad debt but credit card debt is definitely the worst debt. This is because in most cases the debt was completely unnecessary. The debt is not only a result of the instant gratification you get from buying unnecessary stuff anytime you want but also comes with high interest rates. Considering that interest rates on most credit cards are often higher than 14 percent, such debts are often an abuse of borrowing power. For example, if you paid $30 for an item using a card that charges 14% annual interest, you’ll owe around $45 in 3 years. You’d end up paying 50 percent more just because you want the item now and you don’t have to pay for it today. Impulse buying is one the major reasons for escalating levels of credit card debts across the country.

Are credit cards really that evil?

Well, that is like asking if a knife is evil or if the Internet is bad. The knife and the Internet are simply tools that can neither be good or evil. They can certainly be used for the good purposes they were designed to serve or be manipulated for evil purposes. A credit card in the right hand is a great tool that can do a lot of good. In the wrong hands, the card can be financially harmful to the holder. Just because the card, like any other tool, can cause financial harm does not necessarily make it bad, much less evil.

Good reasons to pay with credit cards

There are many smart reasons why you should use credit cards. For instance:

Credit cards make your payments quite convenient. It is easier to just swipe your card than dig in your wallet for cash and wait for the cashier to rustle up your change from the cash register. It is easier to pay for gas at the pump with a card than go inside. However, the convenience of using cards should not be a reason to overspend.

Credit cards provide better organization of your spending. They show you exactly where your money goes and for what purpose. Your monthly statements help you to keep your records straight and make necessary adjustments in your expenditure. Cash payments may provide receipts but not everyone is good at keeping all the receipts received in a given month.

In terms of safety, credit cards provide a safer alternative to carrying wads of cash everywhere you go. If you lose your cash envelope than your entire month’s groceries could be gone for good but once you lose your card, you can have it replaced immediately and avoid fraudulent charges. If you buy an item online using your credit card and the item is not delivered you can file a dispute with the credit company and your money will be refunded.

Credit cards also come with reward programs for loyal customers in form of cash backs and gift cards. Some credit companies offer additional perks such as VIP access to selected hotels, discounts on purchases paid with their card, and free shipping programs.

Credit cards are not necessarily evil when used responsibly. However, not everyone with unmanageable credit card debt is an irresponsible person. There are instances when you find yourself deep in debt due to factors beyond your control. Fortunately, there are several ways of dealing credit card debt problems.

How to handle credit card debt issues

Rather than sit down and mope about your credit card debt troubles, you can deal with them in several ways. For instance, you can start by paying off credit card debts with the smallest balances before moving on to the next one on your list. Keep sending small payments to the credit company every time you have a few extra dollars. Remember, if you pay $2.74 every day, you’ll have reduced your debt by $1000 after one year.

Make use of zero balance transfer offers

Many credit card companies offer zero balance transfers in which you can transfer balances from your other cards, probably with higher interest rates, to a single card with zero or lower rate for a given period of time. The zero balance grace period could be for six or 12 months. This will be sufficient to pay off the transferred balances without incurring high-interest rates.

Debt consolidation loans

There is also the option of getting a debt consolidation loan that will help you to eliminate all your credit card debts at once and remain with a single loan with lower interest rate. This is a good option if you have a huge credit card debt. In this case, you’ll get a secured loan with collateral such as a second mortgage on your house. The loan will help you to pay off the credit card debts but keep in mind that if you default on the loan, your house or other collateral can be repossessed.

Seek the help of consumer credit card relief company

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Another viable way of handling nerve-racking credit card debts once and for all is by enlisting the services of a professional Credit Card debt relief specialist. At Consumer Credit Card Relief, your stressful debt issues will be handled by experts who will help you develop and manage a workable repayment plan. They’ll work out a practical plan with your lenders and creditors to decrease your principal balances and save you a significant amount of cash in the process. You only need to call Consumer Credit Card Relief’s friendly support team to begin the process of resolving your debt issues in the fastest and most affordable way. You won’t be charged anything for the call so pick up the phone now and find out how Consumer Credit Card Relief can help you regain ofr financial well-being.


Credit card debt has been a cause for anxiety for many people across the country. It is a problem that starts small before snowballing into unmanageable levels. Some analysts have even labeled these debts as an American way of life given that credit card expenditures seem to be higher in the US than anywhere else in the world. Credit card debts may have become the 51st Shade of Grey in the US but remember there are ways you can depend on to reign in your runaway debts. You can get a zero balance transfer, go for a debt consolidation loan, or seek the help of a credit counseling agency to negotiate with creditors on your behalf. Click here to find out how Consumer Credit Card Relief can help you overcome all our credit card debts in an easy and affordable way.  Call now – 1.888.407.0855