Paying Credit Card Debt With No Income
Paying Credit Card Debt With No Income

Paying Credit Card With No income – Having credit card debt is hard enough, but having no money to pay for it is even worse! The anxiety does sure build up over time, so here are 6 tips to help you ease paying all your credit card debt with no income.

Paying Credit Card Debt Using The Avalanche Method

The Avalanche Method is where you pay the amount from highest to lowest interest rate. If you choose this method, you will paying by interest rate, that means you will be paying less overall and can have your debt paid for faster.
Here’s the steps to follow:
  • Make the minimum payment
  • Pay extra money
  • When one debt is paid off, start paying for the next highest amount
Pros and cons to the avalanche method. Pros are you will pay less interest and you will get out of debt quicker and its the most popular method, The cons are, you may feel like your amount is not going down fast enough.
Here is an example of credit card payments:
  • Credit Card (22.0%)
  • Personal Loan (10.0%)
  • Student Loan ( 5.5%)
  • Auto Loan (4.5%)

How to pay off debt using the Snowball Method?

Another way is called The Snowball Method, this is where you pay lowest to highest balance. They have the same steps as the avalanche method. The pros and cons to the snowball method is . Pros, you will see a change in the balance unlike the avalanche method, and it will help raise your credit score, the downfall is you may end up paying more at the end because of the interest rates.
Example of a snowball method:
  • Personal Loan ($5,000)
  • Credit Card ($7,000)
  • Auto Loan ($15,000)
  • Student Loan (25,000)

Paying off debt using balance transfers

The next one is to transfer all your accounts to one card. Make sure you transfer all the accounts to the lowest interest rate, that way you wont be paying a high rate. This method will work with the avalanche method. You may have to to make payment for a transfer fee, so look into it and see if it will fit with what you need. They may also offer a zero percent interest for a certain amount of months to help you get it paid off faster.

Paying off credit card debt with a personal loan

Combining your credit cards has some benefits with going the personal loan route, it will help with your credit score. It can also say you a lot of money, personal loans usually have a lower interest rate than the rest of them.
Here are some key points to using this strategy:
  • Keep credit cards open
  • Cut back on spending
  • Be responsible
They are several places to get a personal loan, you can either do it online or in person. You can check with your local banks where you have already done business.

Paying off debt with a debt settlement?

This strategy works for people who are already late on their payments or people who can make a one time large payment. This is where you can make an agreement with the debt collector to pay a certain amount to satisfy your credit card debt. When settling your credit card debt, you sometimes will get to pay only about 50% of what you owe. You can do this yourself or hire someone to help you.

How to pay off debt with bankruptcy?

When you have tried all the other credit card debt strategies, and it still has not helped, you may want to file for bankruptcy, Which no one wants to do. There are two types of bankruptcies, first we have the chapter 7 (which may require you to give up some property). The second one is chapter 13 (this one doesn’t require you to put your property up for collateral). This is the most expensive one. You have to pay for an attorney and the court cost.

Paying Credit Card Debt With No Income
Paying Credit Card Debt With No Income

If you follow one of these credit card debt strategies, you will be well on your way to a debt free life.Now some ways to pay credit card debt without any income is to find ways to bring in some income, like freelancing, or working from home, find a side hustle, work for family and friends, try to find another job as soon as you can so you can get back on track. Call Consumer Credit Card Relief and see what you can to to give you a little extra time. You can freeze your accounts to you get back to where you need to be. Plan a budget also helps you to pay your credit cards. Choose the debt settlement plan.

Here’s some reasons why you should sign up with CCCR:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower interest rates
  • Reduce your period of loan
  • Protect your credit

CCCR has a credit card debt relief program that you can apply for, they will review your budget them compare your expenses to your income, if your income is bigger than your expenses, then you wont need a loan consolidation, they will direct you to a more appropriate loan company, but if your expenses are bigger than your income then they will help you come up with a budget plan that will help you, the next step is they will analyze your credit card debt. you will go through all your bills and see the total that your owe, average interest rate ,and the sum of the monthly payments.Everyone knows how hard it is to get out of credit card debt, specially without any income.

We try to do everything we can to stay out of debt but the unexpected always happens, like you lose your job or your car breaks down. Anything can happen in this year of 2020 am I right? Always consider Consumer Credit Card Relief is there to help when you run into trouble with your credit card payments, they will work with you the best that they can. Everyone goes through a hard time and it can be hard to get caught back up on bills and stuff, so just call the company and let them know that you will start paying as soon as you can get back where you was and they will help you along the way.