To get out of debt, you need a solid action plan that can be accomplished effectively. To help, we’ve created an easy get-out-of-debt checklist that you can start working on today to help you eliminate financial problems.

As you work toward your get-out-of-debt plan, you’ll need to make modifications to your budget so you can avoid overspending and falling back into debt.  Make it a goal to work on this checklist daily to quickly become debt free.

The first step on the path to reducing your debt is to know where you stand financially. You will need to have a complete picture of your personal finances. Here’s what you should do:

-Get your most recent loans and credit card statements.

-Obtain your credit reports. Check each report thoroughly for accuracy and to ensure there aren’t any errors.

-Acquire your free credit score. The credit score will help you determine if you’re qualified for lower interest rates.

Organization is the name of the game! Begin by making a detailed spreadsheet which lists each card’s information, such as the name of the creditor, the amount of debt owed per card, and lastly, the interest rate on each card. Also, you’ll want to know the total amount of debt you have incurred. As soon as you know the exact total payoff amount, you’ll have a real goal to work towards. If you turn a blind eye to your debt, you’ll never know the problem you’re dealing with.

When you have your personal financial information in front of you, it may not seem as unattainable to fix as it did before. These easy steps will help you create a game plan to begin paying off your credit card debt.

There are a numerous amount of ways to combat credit card debt, so plan your personal strategy carefully. Choose the target debt you want to begin reducing, and work diligently to pay it off. You can choose to pay the card with the lowest balance or the highest interest rate. You can also work with an experienced credit card relief company such as Consumer Credit Card Relief to help you on the road to debt relief.

Have a detailed budget for your expenses versus income. How much are you spending on extra purchases per month? Are there areas in your budget in which you can save money? Any extra funds that you have can be used toward paying down the balances on your credit cards.

Make wise financial decisions such as dining out less, avoiding unnecessary luxury expenses, and downgrading cell phone and cable services. If you’re serious about living debt free, it is vital to reduce your spending habits and work toward chopping off your debt.

High-interest rates can really cause your debt to skyrocket, making it harder to pay off. It is highly recommended to contact your credit issuers to request a lower interest rate on card balances. Based on your credit standing and timely payment history, you may qualify for an attractive interest rate on your credit cards.

Also, consider a balance transfer or loan consolidation to pay off high-rate credit cards at a lower rate.

Working with a debt relief company to consolidate your credit card debt will help to reduce the balance of your total credit card debt.

At Consumer Credit Card Relief, we offer a comprehensive debt consolidation program which will help to consolidate the debt into a low monthly payment you can afford. We have proven results and have worked with hundreds of clients to help reduce and eliminate their credit card debt. Call us today at 1-888-407-0855 to learn more about our program and start eliminating your credit card debt today.

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