How To Cancel Credit Cards & DebtCredit cards may be tempting in the sense that they may lead you to drown in debts. Knowing how to keep yourself out of debt is the best thing that can happen in your life. Even though you may consider endeavoring in a bankruptcy declaration, it is always prudent to pay-off your debts whenever possible. If you find yourself in a situation where to settle credit card debt has gone beyond your control, then you should seek expertise. A national credit card relief company such as Consumer Credit Card Relief would serve your needs succinctly. They offer various services that would help you come out of your debt dilemma within the shortest time possible.

Best Strategy

The company mentioned herein will review your budget, analyze your credit card debt, and put you in the most appropriate debt elimination strategy. The top in their approach is providing you with a means to pay your debts with the highest interest rates or through credit card debt consolidation. It is always prudent for you to list your debts, starting from the one with the highest interest rates down. It will help if you start by paying those with the highest interest rate because they are more expensive than the rest in the long-run. The company advises you to freeze your cards during the debt elimination period by using cash to conduct daily payments.
If possible, you are also advised to exceed the agreed monthly contributions as it reduces the loan payment period and eventually is cheaper. For your credit card debt settlement efficacy, you are advised to diversify sources of income by working extra hard and minimizing free time. The company herein provides services to individuals, large companies, municipalities, small businesses, and sovereign nations.


You can consolidate credit card debt which means you pay all your debts under one umbrella. It is easier and less costly as it lowers your loan interest. But then, why consolidate credit card debt? Credit card debt consolidation enables you to amass a myriad of advantages such as lowering your monthly payments, reducing your interest rates, protecting your credit scores, and cutting down your loan payment period.

While closing your credit card(s) could be the impetus to your debt freedom, it is wise for you to understand that doing it the right way would enable your escapade aptly. Any National Credit Card Relief Company would advise you to at least close one account at a time, even if you need to close a multiple of them. Before you close your account, make sure you pay off your balances or transfer them elsewhere. It would help if you were cautious as you canceled credit cards as blunders may lead you to pay hefty fines. Therefore, you should not cancel credit cards before settling any balance therein as it would be pernicious to the entire debt settlement process. The good thing with credit card debt settlement is its use of technology in the financial sector is that you can cancel credit cards online, even though their sales team may contact you to convince you to remain. In such a case, you should remain firm on your stance. You should confirm your cancellation by following it up with a written confirmation, after which you should keep checking your emails for their final word. It may take some time before they reply, but keeping an eye on your credit report and your credit score would be helpful.

Cut It!

To finalize your closing process and settle credit card debt, you need to cut up your card. It is worth noting that cancellation of a credit card could damage your credit score as a part of your score is usually based on actual credit under your control at any given time, your credit card utilization ratio. Whenever you cut up a credit card, the utilization ratio value jumps. Thus, your credit card score goes down. Despite altering your credit score negatively, closing a credit card to deal with debt is essential. The process protects you against identity theft and eases bookkeeping.


It is upon you to establish whether the advantages of closing your credit cards outweigh its consequential damages. After card cancellation, the period can help you learn about money without delving into the hysteria of spending brought about by credit card availability. After you know how to manage your finances better, you can later contemplate acquiring new ones.
How does canceling your credit card affect your financial life? Card cancellation could lead to a reduction of credit history as those that have existed for long periods are likely to constitute the highest impact. It is, therefore, worth noting that older accounts are more important than new ones.

Payment history

Payment history also becomes affected in the sense that even after closing your account with an excellent credit report, your score remains good while a tainted payment history becomes damaging to your score. Therefore, you must take note of the importance of history to your credit score as 35% of your score is dependent on your payment history. For closed accounts, reasonable payment affects your score for ten years, while that of impaired payment behavior affects you for at least seven years.

Best Cancellation Times

Regarding card cancellations, it is worth noting the best time to engage in the activity is based on various factors. When you find your reward card consuming more finances than its rewards, then it is the opportune moment to cancel such a card and operate a non-annual-fee card. You may also decide to cancel your card if it becomes obsolete for one reason or another. The switching of geographical places could contrive you to close your card.


Closing your credit card should not be done or die because it is also associated with other considerable disadvantages. You may decide to switch your transactions to a cheaper credit card if you are contemplating closing your account because of ballooned interest rates. You may choose to keep the account with high-interest rates but channel activities therein to another less expensive card. You can also consider transferring balances from the high-interest rate using a balance transfer credit card that allows you to pay it off during an interest-free grace period. You can again navigate through your credit cards by either upgrading or downgrading them. You can perform upgrades and downgrades through contacting your issuer or by doing so through online platforms. You may decide to keep your old credit card by minimizing their activity to continue adding scores to your credit history.

History Of The Company

Consumer Credit Card Relief is a destination for you if you seek to eliminate your credit card debts. The company will serve all your needs concerning debt settlement through the entire process. It is essential to note that working with a credible company through the process of debt settlement is a prudent thing to do. In that regard, Consumer Card Relief prides itself on a 10-year experience and a fantastic track record. They are skilled negotiators, knowledgeable, and supportive. Debt can be a vicious cycle that may prove difficult for you to eliminate, mostly because of the overwhelming number of available credit cards. The company offers you free consultative services and a custom-made debt resolution program with low payments each month; they do all that on your behalf. They also work in close contact with you as they aid in making you a debt-free person. The company’s critical services include debt consolidation, Credit Card Relief Programs, Debt Settlement, and /or filling for Bankruptcy.

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