One Phone Call Can Build More Value To Your Credit Card Debt
One Phone Call Can Build More Value To Your Credit Card Debt

Build Value To Your Credit Card Debt – Emergencies can happen in a flash that result in needing a big chunk of money rather quickly and with a credit card you can pay it off in installments rather than pulling from a savings account. You or your loved one could lose a job or your financial status can shift expectantly. Credit card debt can happen to anyone but with interest rates and annual fees it can be a real challenge to get your head above water. There are a few routes to take that can ease the burden and start lowering credit card debt.

Having an annual fee on top of an already high monthly payment

Most companies would rather waive the fee than lose you as a customer. Calling your credit card company to cancel can result in them offering to waive the yearly fee or offer a credit towards the fee itself. Say your annual fee is one hundred dollars. Making a hundred dollars worth of payments can be considered your annual fee if it’s asked for. Not many people are aware of this option. Stating you’re going to cancel is a good way for it to be brought up rather than you asking. If they can’t waive the fee completely ask about the credit towards the fee instead.

Many people open up credit cards for the rewards they receive for spending certain amounts in a specific amount of time. By using the same tactic (calling and wanting to cancel) and stating the benefits aren’t worth the minimum credit card payment or something in that realm they’ll transfer you to someone who can group points. This is an area where you can negotiate, if they offer a certain amount of points for five hundred dollars of spending see if they’ll double it if you spend a thousand in the allotted time.

Using your credit card to the max

However if you’re drowning in credit card debt getting more retention or waiving the annual fee may not be enough to lift the burden of heavy credit card debt. Maybe you have lenders calling you from a different number every day a few times a day or sending you letters in the mail. Constant bombardment may feel overwhelming but opening up a line of communication is actually a good thing. At the very least it may stop the phone calls. Learning if your lenders are able to work out something is the first step. Many companies will take smaller increments in order to keep it from going to collections and becoming a hit on your credit but not all companies are willing to be flexible. Explain your situation and if they’re unwilling to budge make that credit card or loan a priority to pay down first in your path to getting help with debt.

Credit card debt is a scary and stressful thing to be under and as often as they can bother you credit card companies and other lenders cannot force you into bankruptcy or take property. They can take you to small claims court for what you owe them but that is only if you haven’t paid them in a the long term. Making even the smallest of payments lets lenders know you’re not trying to skip out on the credit card bill or loan all together you’re just behind like millions of other people. It can happen to anyone. Which means anyone can get debt relief if given the right tools.

With credit card debt its hard to keep up if your making minimum payments on nearly maxed out cards. Once you make a payment the interest hits you and then it’s like your payment was cut in half and it becomes a vicious cycle. Using the credit card debt relief services offered can etch out a path that is best for you in your journey to be free of credit card debt. There are a variety of options for credit card debt and loan debt depending on your personal financial situation and how you want to proceed reaching debt relief. Whether you have one credit card or five credit cards there is a solution and plan for everyone.

One of the many ways to start working on lowering your credit card debt is by negotiating for a lower interest rate. Experts in the debt consolidation company from the website mentioned earlier can negotiate on your behalf to lower how much is eaten out of your monthly payment by high interest. They work specifically with who are aiming for debt relief rather than just wanting a lower payment for convenience.

If you have more than one card it is possible to consolidate all debts into one card so that the focus of your credit card debt relief is lumped into one monthly payment. Rather than a bunch of little payments having one larger one that will collect all the debt into one pool can be an easier mountain to climb. One card and one payment that tackles all your debt could be a good route for quick credit card debt relief.

The Right Debt Relief Company

Credit Card Debt relief can surprisingly come in the form of another loan. Debt consolidation loans are personal loans that have a lower interest rate. It is an option of debt relief that is a long term solution so if you’re looking to get credit card debt relief soon this may not be an option for you. And you have to have a good credit score to get a loan.

Enrolling in a debt management program is an option for credit card debt relief as well. The debt program sort of works as a third party where they will figure out what a doable payment would be based on your budget while getting lower interest rates and working with lenders. You’ll give a lump sum payment to the agency and they will distribute it to the accounts. This helps a lot of people tackle everything in one go with lowering interest and paying off all accounts with a lump payment. They can also help eliminate late fees and other fees during this debt relief process.

Many people think bankruptcy is the only option if you cant afford to do these other solutions but people often forget about. Debt settlement. This means you are settling to pay a section of what you are owed and the creditors will write off the rest. But this option is only available as a debt relief solution when debts have reached the collection stage. In this option you must pay a full lump sum of a chosen percentage and it does damage your credit so be aware of these requirements if you’re considering using this for debt relief.

Credit cards are a great benefit and can be a good course of money in an emergency but they can be a financial downfall if not used properly. Get going on your path to debt relief with the experts at Consumer Credit Card Relief


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