Credit Card Debt Settlement & The Effect on your Credit
Credit Card Debt Settlement & The Effect on your Credit

Credit Card Debt Settlement  – Inundated with credit card debt? Your credit account was charged off- or went to collections, now what? Have you set sail over troubled waters? Although the damage is done, no need to feel high and dry. You’re not stranded without recovery, get underway with Consolidating credit card debt right away. Anchors aweigh, we’re here to set sail for your new journey of Excellent Credit. Have no fear, credit card debt relief is here!

We’ve all been there, you bit off more than you can chew. You postponed or procrastinated with too many minimum payments, and now you’ve created a mountain out of a molehill. Hindsight is only 20/20 and now your circumstances have changed, and you are making too many late payments and your interest is more than you can keep up with. This was unfortunately followed by a failure to pay a few months. Repair, Rebuild, Restore, and Recover Your Credit now!


Settling credit card debt is not as easy as paying off a credit card debt settlement. If it were only as easy as paying off what you owe! Unfortunately, once you make this payment, your credit report is not in the clear. Now you’re left with the damage Your report has been tarnished with a credit card debt history of late payments and will continue to show any future Creditors your Charge off or Collection.

1.) Look for discrepancies
First off you need to identify any credit card debt reported that is not yours. Once you have that information, verify if there are any discrepancies as far as your address, phone number, name on the account, and original total.

2.) Dispute the error by letter
Report and dispute the errors you encountered with the Credit Bureaus. You want to do this using a Credit dispute letter. Keep copies of everything.

The Credit Bureau must then carry out an investigation and remove any errors within 45-days from the date the letter was submitted. If they cannot do so, they must explain why.

3.) Follow-up
If the error is not deleted from your credit report, you can further dispute this error with the business who submitted this collection, and or charge-off.

4.) Take Legal Action
45-days have passed, and no reply has been given, nothing has been done, your credit remains in disrepair. You may take legal action against the Credit Bureau and/or the business in question to restore your credit.


Much like sailing, not many have the expertise, or know-how to navigate through a financial storm. Many are in a state of confusion or indecision when it comes to credit card debt. You cannot weather a storm if your sails are tattered, to begin with. This is where relief from credit card debt comes in. We repair the holes in your credit history, consolidate credit card debt, and navigate your rudders and sails to progress to a destination relief from Credit card debt. Set a sail today and learn to manage your debts for the future now, Consumer Credit Card Relief is here to help.

Credit card debt consolidation

High-interest rates can make you feel like your drowning in a sea of debt, stay afloat with Credit card debt consolidation. Minimum payments combined with rising interest rates and finance charges are the equivalent of taking one step forward and two steps back, in essence not getting you anywhere. Credit card consumer debt relief can reduce your interest rates, eliminate late penalty fees, and help you reach your goal by giving you a reasonable and affordable monthly payment. This will, in turn, help you pay off your credit card debt much faster. Consolidate credit card debt

Settle or not to settle credit card debt

When your credit card debt is settled, this implies you have made payment arrangements other than the actual original amount agreed upon with your creditor. Although a settlement is an improvement towards your score, it, however, leaves a negative impact on your creditworthiness as a consumer. This is better than a charge off or collection, it still does not free you from a negative score since Creditors look for responsible consumers. Although this credit card debt has been paid it is not viewed in a positive light by any future creditors since you are failing to pay your balance in full as originally established. However, once you acquire more positive payments and ratings, and this settlement becomes older the less effect it will have towards your overall score. You can rejoice in that it will eventually fall off your credit report completely after seven years. Any payment other than the original amount paid in full will be posted as settled until then.

Certified Credit Counselors

Settling credit card debt on your own can be daunting. Call our Certified Credit Counselors today at Consumer Credit Card Relief and take charge of your life today!
Consolidation of credit card debt takes the pain out of rocking the boat with collection agencies. Take the stress out of your life and stop the incessant collection calls inundating your voicemail and mailbox. Take control of the helm today and consolidate your credit card debt and get relief from credit card debt. Credit Card Debt settlement is in your sights you can be sailing over smooth calm water today.


Let us help you rebuild your credit score worthiness with Credit Card Consumer debt relief. Creditors lend to responsible consumers that have proven their creditworthiness. To prove your worthiness and reliability, you must rebuild your record of consistently paying in a prompt and timely manner not exceeding the grace period in full towards a creditor. This may require that you start small, to begin with through credit card usage and small loan payments. With time you acquire credit cards with minimal to zero APR (Annual percentage rate) and no security deposit. Consistency is key to excelling in reaching your end goal, and excellent credit score and finally triumph over Debt!

Shipshape in no time

Credit card debt relief offers you the choice of different payment options. This will aid you in paying off accumulated debts when you find yourself in deep waters. Credit card debt does not need to cause you to be caught between a rock and a hard place. We offer affordable, convenient and practical ways to reach excellent credit health and help you reach a credit card debt settlement. We can get you shipshape in no time. Credit card debt relief aims to aim to repay your debts, improve your creditworthiness, and raise your credit score. Consolidation debt relief is a marginal process when you think of what a lifetime of bad credit and or bankruptcy entails. You will learn the ropes to financial stability and soon will run a tight ship of your own for financial success and a life free of credit card debt.


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